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serious, earnest and informative (Iran, humor and pumpkin pie)

Saturday, June 27th, 2009


(started on IRC):
I did it again – just totally couldn’t take the joke. I should be aware by now that the inclusion of the word “Iran” (or “Iraq”) in any conversation immediately shuts off any humor receptors in my brain.* My eyes go glassy, I sit up very straight, start spouting statistics and referencing web sites. I am serious, earnest and _painfully_ informative. I’ve got a disproportionate amount of data, passion and desire to talk about this (not just about videos of a young woman dying on the street or politics, but technology, humanity, connection, history, etc. etc) compared to just about anyone I speak to in my every day world (and I admit, it feels very lonely).

It occured to me after I launched into another unechoed allocution on the topic that I might need to come up with an equivalent code phrase to the one used by Summer Glau’s brother in Serenity when she hears a trigger word, goes nuts in the bar and starts wailing on everyone – which he says to make her fall asleep. Something like “pumpkin pie” maybe?

* ok, that’s not totally true. trevlix on twitter has been consistently awesome and pointed and funny.

* and I love that this gesture looks both “V for Victory” with small bits of the Brit “get stuffed” gesture