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Things I saw today (locoroco)

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Another in the theme of things which make me ridiculously happy, Max pointed out this amazingly cute video game, locoroco, from Japan. He said even the music is addictive and I must agree.

I even found the words, a made up language with it’s own syntax, apparently:

Bajumbo moi noi noi jecker
Dabatto bunkergait jun jun
Nora juere-rotto pura-pura petto
Puraret dum dum
Paruranoi noi noi jecker
Dabatto bunkerget tum tum
Ora poerketino bookertan tan-tan-so
Bokertyo kyenturanai mimani unlahood-cha-la
Terra hooki-ra pishi-to diki-ra poody-to
Seni-kidi koseibo
Kokorenkyo kyenturanai mimani unlalhood-cha-la
Terra hooki-ra shishi-sho tusura hajiki yo…

A sing-a-long, yay!


Monday, November 13th, 2006

Great time was dedicated to sloth this weekend and Coralie found wonderful pictures of the animals of the same name.

If you imagine a TV remote, coffee and suduko book in that picture you’ll have a good approximation of my weekend. Here’s one I especially like:

Cute lazy baby sloth! It’s so adorable it makes me want to have a nap.

life is not so stinking bad

Monday, November 13th, 2006

Below are excerpts from an IM conversation with Kris which shows our particular dark version of optimism and a bit about why she is one of my most favorite people.

I often console myself w/ the ‘could be worse’ thing :) you know it’s almost a mental habit “well, yes, ok, so a bear is chewing my arm off, at least he’s not wearing patcholli”

freaking patchoulli…. you’re right… couldn’t be worse than that i don’t think… well actually blueberry would be worse for me… and i have a particular aversion to nag champa

unless there was really awful Jazz playing, kenny G maybe

i’m laughing too hard to think of anything good to make it worse…. only rabies comes to mind

Jerry Lewis w/ rabies chewing off your arm

i’m thinking jennifer lopez…. though if she had rabies she’d die soon and that would be enough to make it a good thing

ha! optimist!

even if she was chewing off my arm…and wearing nag champa

yeah, you could think “die JLo! die! you water-fearing hag!”

yeah…. i truly can’t think of anything worse…. unless her album or one of her movies was playing in the background….. i think how much I hate her everytime i see her

now you’ll think “rabies, chewing off my arm, die JLo die!”

oh you know it… it will make me laugh now when i see her….. so actually….. at least i have something to laugh about now….life is actually not so stinking bad

Worth knowing fact #194 – Hints for Wives (newspaper, the wife’s real friend)

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

Worth knowing fact #194 – Hints for Wives:

Never complain that your husband pores too much over the newspaper, to the exclusion of that pleasing converse which you formerly enjoyed with him. Don’t hide the paper; don’t give it to the children to tear; don’t be sulky when the boy leaves it at the door; but take it in pleasantly, and lay it down before your spouse. Think what man would be without a newspaper; treat it as a great agent in the work of civilization, which it assuredly is; and think how much good newspapers have done by exposing bad husbands and bad wives, by giving their errors to the eye of the public. But manage you in this way: when your husband is absent, instead of gossiping with neighbors, or looking into shop windows, sit down quietly, and look over that paper; run your eye over its home and foreign news; glance rapidly at the accidents and casualties; carefully scan the leading articles; and at tea-time, when your husband again takes up the paper, say, “My dear, what an awful state of things there seems to be in India;” or “what a terrible calamity at the Glasgow theatre;” or “trade appears to be flourishing in the north!” and depend upon it down will go the paper. If he has not read the information, he will hear it all from your lips, and when you have done, he will ask, “Did you, my dear, read Simpson’s letter upon the discovery of chleroform?” And whether you did or not, you will gradually get into as cosy a chat as you ever enjoyed; and you will soon discover that, rightly used, the newspaper is the wife’s real friend, for it keeps the husband at home, and supplies capital topics for every-day table-talk.

From the excellent “Inquire Within for Anything You Want To Know or Over Three Thousand Seven Hundred Facts Worth Knowing” of 1858.

Worth knowing fact #192 – Hints for Wives (shirt-collar)

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

Worth knowing fact #192 – Hints for Wives:

If your husband occasionally looks a little troubled when he comes home, do not say to him, with an alarmed countenance, “What ails you, my dear?” Don’t bother him; he will tell you of his own accord, if need be. Don’t suppose whenever he is silent and thoughtful that you are of course the cause. Let him alone until he is inclined to talk; take up your book or your needlework (pleasantly, cheerfully; no pouting –no sullenness), and wait until he is inclined to be sociable. Don’t let him ever find a shirt-button missing. A shirt-button being off a collar or wrist-band has frequently produced the first hurricane in married life. Men’s shirt-collars never fit exactly –see that your husband’s are made as well as possible, and then, if he does fret a little about them, never mind it; men have a prescriptive right to fret about shirt-collars.

From the excellent “Inquire Within for Anything You Want To Know or Over Three Thousand Seven Hundred Facts Worth Knowing” of 1858.

Worth knowing fact #79 – Ginger Beer

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

Worth knowing fact #79 – Ginger Beer:

The following recipe for making a very superior ginger-beer is taken from the celebrated treatise of Dr. Pereira, on diet. The honey gives it a peculiar softness and from not being fermented with yeast, it is less violent in its action when opened, but requires to be kept a longer time than usual before use. White sugar, five pounds; lemon-juice, one quarter of a pint; honey, one quarter of a pound; ginger, buised, five ounces; water, four gallons and a half. Boil the ginger in three quarts of the water for half an hour, then add the sugar, lemon-juice and honey, with the remainder of the water, and strain through a cloth; when cold, add a quarter of the white of an egg, and a small tea-spoonful of essence of lemon; let the whole stand four days, and bottle; this will keep many months. This quantity will make 100 bottles.

From the excellent “Inquire Within for Anything You Want To Know or Over Three Thousand Seven Hundred Facts Worth Knowing” of 1858.

flickr krma

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

The most viewed photo from my flickr photostream is:

canal 96:
Nobody counts it as a favorite, it has 1 comment, it has 4 tags: 200601-Paris, "Canal 96", paintings, wall.

I was thinking some website had linked to it. Tonight, I googled “Canal 96”. (NOT safe for work).

So my tip, if you’d like good flickr karma on a photo, is to name it according to a pron website.

Borat Sagdiyev takes America

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

The Metro newspaper of yesterday had an hilarious bit about “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan”, which made me laugh out loud in the train. Musings of Borat on the country he got to know:

On the fast food nation

I would like say that I like US and A very much, enjoy your peoples, and enjoy your delicious foods. First I here, I go to a restaurant named McDonald’s which is so fancy-pants, it actually have separate room for making toilet in. There I eat 17 hamburgers and 600 packets of red soup called ketchups. These did not agree so much with my stomach, and the next day my anus was hung loose like the mouth of a tired dog.

On W

Kazakhstan very much admires your mighty warlord, George Walter Bush. He is a very wise man, and a very strong man, but perhaps not as strong as his father, Barbara. There are small differences between our system of politic. In Kazakh elections, for example, the winner is not the man with the most votes, but the candidate who can carry a woman against her will for the furthest distance. Our present leader can manage 4.3 miles. How long can Premier Bush?

On women’s rights

There is no womens in Kazakh film industry. We say, ‘To give a woman a camera is like to give a monkey a gun.’ We have stopped doing that ever since the 2003 Almati Zoo massacre.