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Happy * !

Saturday, December 24th, 2005

Dear fellow dullicious people and dear readers

The current events range from shopping, cooking, eating, slacking, catching up with families and friends, partying (be that in the snow or under the heat of summer), celebrating christmas or just a holiday. The current events are festive.

Happy festive events, mates!

Where has the time gone?

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

Let me tell you…. my time has gone because I spend way too much time waiting on others… specifically 2 travelers whom I will not mention by name. It is approximately 6 hours from Boston to this small town where I have no life. Why is it then, that it always seems to take these 2 much…much longer to get here? It must be scientific phenomena. I realize that one must stop at every rest stop gift shop… and that one must “belly-ache” but really… come on now.

As I have freely admitted, I have no life. My life consists of 2 year olds with pink eye and limited political conversation skills (although, if you’ve read my other posts, you know that she has unlimited knowledge of swear words), a teenager who doesn’t have enough blood flow to the brain to have a conversation that dosen’t consist of “omg like can you like believe that like umm they like really umm said like that, huh.” 7 year olds seem to have the best conversation skills… if you want to discuss SpongeBob or how the school cafeteria ladies make the best food ever. These 2 travelers know this and yet still… make me wait. Maybe…just maybe I would have a life if they would ever just get here!


Monday, December 19th, 2005

I don’t feel so well at the moment. However, being a bit of a delicate flower and prone to stomach-aches, I have had ample opportunities to test out different remedies over the years. The chewable antacids work ok. I have my favorites among the different types. I recently stood with a friend in the antacid aisle of a pharmacy listing the qualities of the different types — like a much more cultured and less freakish person might choose a good wine (as he did in the next shop).

As for drinkable things, there are two main liquid antacids I use — the white stuff and the pink stuff. This afternoon, in a gesture similar to that of a character in 40’s detective novel swigging bourbon, I took a big swig of the whiteish stuff (so that’s similar to a 40s detective in a not-at-all-alike, queasy, kind of way, I guess). The white stuff has a bit of a bite – almost tangy. At room temperature, I think I prefer the white stuff, but there’s really nothing better, when you’re feeling ill, than the pink stuff when it’s cold (yep, I’ve got a big bottle of it at home in the refrigerator right now).

There are pros and cons to the tablets vs. the liquids. For example, though there are always bits that gets stuck in your teeth, I find small joy in the crunching noises from chewing the tablets, plus they’re more portable. Drinkable things work faster and though you can, if you do carry it around in the bottom of your bag it can cause a quiet, kind of unsettling, sloshing noise. On the other hand, there is something hardcore about pulling out a bottle of antacid and taking a swig from it in public. Again, this is hardcore in a really-not-at-all-hardcore, “Yes, my stomach hurts, I couldn’t care less what you think”, sissyish yet defiant kind of way, I’d like to think I’ve mastered.

4 Fruits that nearly convince me there is a God

Monday, December 19th, 2005
  • Mango
  • Kiwi
  • Peach
  • Nectarine

useless crap is right

Saturday, December 17th, 2005

I am sorry to fill the catagory of “useless crap” with such EXTREMELY useless crap but atleast I know that if you’re not interested you can just scroll down… hopefully for you the previous entry is not also one of my completely useless crap entries.

Today I spent the morning having breakfast with Santa and Emily (7) and Gracie (2). Kait of course was way too cool to grace us with her presence and besides… it was before her waking time of noon. I believe that Santa has quite possibly ruined Christmas for Grace… She spent the entire time crying and saying “I don’t like Santa… I don’t like Christmas” Of course, I should have know that this was the case she spent the whole time that I was decorating the tree swearing and spitting. I will say in my defense, that I truly try not to swear in front of my kids but occasionally I will utter “dammit” under my breath. She of Course has heard this and has also heard me yelling at Emmy for saying “o my God”. Therefore, just to test my disciplinary capability, she yelled “dammit…. God….. Dammit…. God” over and over while spitting on everyone and thing that she was near (something else that has gotten her in trouble before). She is truly a demon… with the face and voice of an angel!!!!

Each day, one of my 3 girls causes me some sort of stress…. today seems to be Gracie’s day. Not only does she hate Christmas now… she apparently hates clothes and the dog. I went outside for one quick moment and came in to find her naked… dumping sunblock into the dog’s food and water bowls. Her excuse: “it’s for Sophie’s hair”.

The only thing that she seems to like is teethbrushing. While naked she has wandered around the house for hours with a toothbrush and toothpaste telling anyone who is listening…”try it, you’ll like it”

I’d like to say that things can only get better from here…. but I know better. Around here, the best saying is “things will only get worse before they get better”. 13 years later and I’m still in anticipation of the “better”.

P.S. I do love my kids…. truly I do. In fact, couldn’t live without them!

my life….with a teenager

Saturday, December 17th, 2005

I am sure that anyone who reads these things thinks that maybe I am completely insane… it may be true but I do not believe that my insanity is inherited… it is truly only because I am the mother of a 13 year old girl. Yes, this is the time where you feel sorry for me and thank God and anyone else that you are NOT the mother of a 13 year old girl. These teenagers.. or as I like to call them “putrid bundles of fluff” have the ability to make any person over the age of 30 feel completely useless and utterly uncool. Useless I can handle but uncool….. that’s a hard one to get over.

Not even as a teenager myself was I so self-concious of what I was wearing and how my hair looked. Now… my pants are either too baggy or too tight… depending on the day. The flair of my bootcut jeans is s0o… not flair enough but yet if I wear flair… I’m just trying to be cool. If I don’t try… i’m uncool… If I do try…. I’m uncool. OH THE PRESSURE!!!!!!!!!!

Even my music is uncool… even though I listen to (and have listened to for the last 15 years) the same music that they listen to. How is it that when I listen to AC/DC or GreenDay it is not the same as when they listen to the same?

I try to tell them that really they are the uncool ones because they have Farrah Faucett hair, wear bell bottoms and listen to 80’s music… it rolls off them like water on a duck (which may possibly be the uncoolest thing i’ve ever said…).

Either way… I may not survive this insanity and if I do I can pretty much guarantee that I will come out on the other side just as uncool as I am today.


Wednesday, December 7th, 2005

I have the ultimate “useless crap” post! Plus, I need a little break.

Last Friday in France, it was pouring rain and lots of flights to Nice were not allowed to land. Not all of them :) I heard that easyjet flights could land just well, because they have better brakes and a better assisted autopilot for landing than other flights.

That’s probably the advantage of a young fleet.
Kudos, easyjet, if what I heard was accurate.