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Things I saw today (Fractals)

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

From the ever-wonderful Dark Roasted Blend:

Fractal virus and bacterial colonies


Also from Dark Roasted Blend, 60’s Glamour Beauty section, Claire from Vintage Commercial Aviation Promotions: Flight Attendants.

Happy Holidays

Monday, December 25th, 2006

Happy Holidays to all from Amy and Kris….. are you having nearly as much fun as we are?

life is not so stinking bad

Monday, November 13th, 2006

Below are excerpts from an IM conversation with Kris which shows our particular dark version of optimism and a bit about why she is one of my most favorite people.

I often console myself w/ the ‘could be worse’ thing :) you know it’s almost a mental habit “well, yes, ok, so a bear is chewing my arm off, at least he’s not wearing patcholli”

freaking patchoulli…. you’re right… couldn’t be worse than that i don’t think… well actually blueberry would be worse for me… and i have a particular aversion to nag champa

unless there was really awful Jazz playing, kenny G maybe

i’m laughing too hard to think of anything good to make it worse…. only rabies comes to mind

Jerry Lewis w/ rabies chewing off your arm

i’m thinking jennifer lopez…. though if she had rabies she’d die soon and that would be enough to make it a good thing

ha! optimist!

even if she was chewing off my arm…and wearing nag champa

yeah, you could think “die JLo! die! you water-fearing hag!”

yeah…. i truly can’t think of anything worse…. unless her album or one of her movies was playing in the background….. i think how much I hate her everytime i see her

now you’ll think “rabies, chewing off my arm, die JLo die!”

oh you know it… it will make me laugh now when i see her….. so actually….. at least i have something to laugh about now….life is actually not so stinking bad

Blocks of time – Saturday morning or “Still Life (with clown and mattress)”

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

7:34am: I wake up, it’s a grey day. I wander around the house a bit, see who is on IRC and decide go back to sleep.

9:15am: I wake up again, it’s still grey out. I eat, have some coffee and look at news, blogs and Flickr from my RSS reader

10:49am: I’ve been sitting with my laptop for more than an hour, a friend of my sister Marijke’s comes to see some of the furniture she is selling. Being one of Marijke’s friends, chances are fairly good she thinks I’m unfriendly and a bit odd. I wave from my chair but don’t get up.

11:20am I look up from the laptop and there’s a black-and-white movie on TV but I haven’t been paying attention so I’m not sure what’s going on. Ah, someone chokes a clown! This might be worth watching.

11:34am: I decide (yet again) that I like the make-up style from the 40s.

11:38am: Though I am not, in fact, 13 years old, I play with make-up. I don’t get the 40s look quite right.

1:11pm: Cereal for lunch. Convention can consider itself flouted! What a whirlwind life, eh?

2:04pm: Shower (yes, finally).

2:20pm: Driving – the red light is rather beautiful against the still grey sky.

2:34pm: At a coffee place, I have the iced mocha and Marijke has the lemonade. I hear a girl at a table near us say loudly at one point: “She’s a slutbag!” to her friend, who doesn’t say much.

3:25pm: We go to one of those huge, overwhelming mega-stores that sells 50 lb. tubs of mayonnaise and four weeks worth of cereal and I’m proud, now that I’m more used to it, to have pretty much stopped cringing and whimpering when I walk through the door.

5:03pm: I buy a new mattress at the mega-store! (they really do have everything). It’s one of those lovely, lovely memory foam ones I’ve been coveting for almost a year now. Yummm.

9:42pm: Cleaning, laundry, other house things done, I lay on the really quite delightful mattress and watch Poirot. Mischief (of a dull kind) managed.

on the dangers of not liking something (for Coralie)

Friday, June 9th, 2006

from Mind Over Matters by Mike Nelson:

…It usually starts innocently enough, a friend remarking to you that the co-op has a nice new crop of grapefruit. “Hmm, I don’t really care for grapefruit myself,” you say, entirely without malice. She seems startled, “Really?” she says.

If you had a tendency to be sarcastic, you might say, “No, I deliberately misrepresent my taste in citrus to gain the upper hand in conversation.” But you are not sarcastic, so you restate your dislike, a little more timidly now. “Yeah, I just don’t care for grapefruit. It tastes bitter to me.”

“Bitter! How can you think grapefruit tastes bitter?” she demands.

“I find that difficult to answer — ” you say.

“Grapefruit is the single least bitter thing in the world! Sugar is more bitter than grapefruit!” she continues.

“Sugar is deliberately bitter,” you say, trying to calm her. “Sugar is pure white hate.”

“You want bitter? Radicchio is bitter. Dandelion greens — they’re bitter!”

“I hate them. They’re mean,” you say as the situation death-rolls out of control.

“I’m going to get you some of that grapefruit right now and show you that it’s not bitter,” she says, marching to the refrigerator. You have apparently run afoul of a committed grapefruit apologist. Soon you are eating extremely bitter chunks of fruit you loathe.

“Tell me, is that bitter? Is it?” she asks, leaving you no wiggle room.

“Unbelievably not-bitter. Sweet, sure. Sour, you bet. Salty, powerfully so — but bitter? No and again, no. All bitterness has vanished from existence. Even the concept of bitterness has been conquered and bows down before this grapefruit,” you say, nearly gagging from the bitterness.


Monday, December 19th, 2005

I don’t feel so well at the moment. However, being a bit of a delicate flower and prone to stomach-aches, I have had ample opportunities to test out different remedies over the years. The chewable antacids work ok. I have my favorites among the different types. I recently stood with a friend in the antacid aisle of a pharmacy listing the qualities of the different types — like a much more cultured and less freakish person might choose a good wine (as he did in the next shop).

As for drinkable things, there are two main liquid antacids I use — the white stuff and the pink stuff. This afternoon, in a gesture similar to that of a character in 40’s detective novel swigging bourbon, I took a big swig of the whiteish stuff (so that’s similar to a 40s detective in a not-at-all-alike, queasy, kind of way, I guess). The white stuff has a bit of a bite – almost tangy. At room temperature, I think I prefer the white stuff, but there’s really nothing better, when you’re feeling ill, than the pink stuff when it’s cold (yep, I’ve got a big bottle of it at home in the refrigerator right now).

There are pros and cons to the tablets vs. the liquids. For example, though there are always bits that gets stuck in your teeth, I find small joy in the crunching noises from chewing the tablets, plus they’re more portable. Drinkable things work faster and though you can, if you do carry it around in the bottom of your bag it can cause a quiet, kind of unsettling, sloshing noise. On the other hand, there is something hardcore about pulling out a bottle of antacid and taking a swig from it in public. Again, this is hardcore in a really-not-at-all-hardcore, “Yes, my stomach hurts, I couldn’t care less what you think”, sissyish yet defiant kind of way, I’d like to think I’ve mastered.

4 Fruits that nearly convince me there is a God

Monday, December 19th, 2005
  • Mango
  • Kiwi
  • Peach
  • Nectarine

A method for eating pistachios

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005

Fill a medium sized bowl with pistachios. Eat as normal, but place the empty shells back into the bowl. This way, it becomes a game to find the nuts amongst the shells – a game that gets harder the longer you play.

When you think that there are no more pistachios, you tell yourself that you will find another 5. Continue playing.

My experience shows that you’ll usually find at least another 10.