using my inside voice

March 27th, 2009 by amy

I’d relied on a sense of security through very low profile and dullness if not absolute obscurity for this site but I’ve been thinking lately about issues of personal and public visibility on the web and as a person who is actually rather reserved in public, I thought it would be good to make some changes across my different web incarnations.

I’ve started using the password system available in WordPress for some of the entries. Note: though I tend to be the most prolific, especially in the past years, I’m not the only dullicious author and this affects only some of my, not their entries.

I don’t have any idea of who actually follows the blog (not many people I don’t think) and I tend to write as though only one or two friends might ever read it — though I’ve been surprised and honored by the thoughtfulness and interest of people who comment to me on what I’ve written.

If I know you, please send me a mail (amyvdh at or put something in the comments and I’ll send you the password.

I wish there was a more opaque and less obviously anti-social way to write both entries that are casual, public and open to anyone on the web and those that are about more internal, personal thoughts and open to those I know.

I’m happy, in fact, eager, to share those personal thoughts which is why I write these entries and I am very grateful for the feedback I get so I apologize for the clunkiness of this system as I awkwardly try to mediate a comfortable balance of my public and personal selves on the web.

2 Responses to “using my inside voice”

  1. Richard Ishida Says:

    I’m listening. :-)

  2. amy Says:

    thanks Richard :)

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