March 10th, 2006 by barbie-dull

Screeshot of the Coliposte tracking page
Vhere is ze printer, Lebowski?!

A printer was ordered two days ago for my home office in Paris. On the website it said “Delivery on the same day”, I was hopeful.
Yesterday I was given the URI to track the parcel and it said the package was ready in Lyon. It was ready to be delivered this morning when I reloaded the page. And it was still ready to be delivered at the end of the morning.

I reloaded the page in the early afternoon and it outrageously said I was absent when the first attempt at delivery was made! What?! I dashed to the mailbox to look for the slip of paper announcing the time for the delivery attempt. No slip in the mailbox.

So I called their number. I pressed star to proceed. And then I chose to press “2” in order to lodge a complaint. I gave the tracking number.

“Yes, Madam, you were absent when it was delivered.”
“Impossible, I didn’t go out of my apartment. Nobody rung the bell.”
“So you need to call that number again, press star and two.”
“This is what I just did, I pressed star and 2.”
“Then you have to do it again in 30 or 45 minutes.”

How frustrating. I called again a half hour later.

“Yes, Madam, you were absent when it was delivered.”
“I stayed home and nobody rung the bell.”
“You must have the notification of delivery attempt in your mailbox.”
“No, there was no slip of paper.”

The woman on the phone, Valérie, asked my phone number, wrote down the digicode for the entrance door, and said she would make sure the postman delivers the package on Saturday morning. She gave me a complaint number and said she would phone me in 48 hours to find out whether my parcel has been delivered.

/me crosses fingers that the postman actually rings our bell and delivers the printer tomorrow :)

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  1. an ony souris e Says:

    The suspense is killing me…

  2. barbie-dull Says:

    The postman rung the bell the next morning at 9 and woke up the whole gang: the printer was here. Yay!

  3. » Blog Archive » Oops, they did it again Says:

    […] I mean ColiPoste. I’ve had to deal with them 3 times in a month and this is the 3rd time they claim they’ve attempted to deliver an item and we were absent. Yeah right. […]

  4. steenski Says:

    From Nice to Denmark – four days we were told. What a bunch of @&$)*&^!!. It has been 11 days already and the Tracking system says delivery attempt was made but no-one were home!? The recipient is a hotel with restaurant. It has been three days noe and they still haven’t attempted the second delivery.


  5. barbie-dull Says:

    Amen, brother. I’m sorry you too have to “experience” Coliposte.
    They must know they suck so much. What a bunch of morons.

  6. Dave Says:

    I wish i had seen your views on coliposte before i ordered something they are taking the piss its been a week and still no reply after repeated attempts to ask where my parcel is !!!!

  7. barbie-dull Says:

    Sorry, Dave… and good luck.
    I wish noboby would trust Coliposte to deliver parcels to their customers, and I hope everybody loudly complains!

  8. Chris Says:

    Can someone give me the number for coliposte as i cannot find it on their website. i paid for an item on ebay weeks ago and they say it has been delivered, yet it hasnt and its almost christmas! Damn french post service! Any help would be great!

  9. barbie-dull Says:

    Hi Chris
    Have you tried to call 0825 311 311 ?

  10. Stefan Says:

    I have been waiting on 2 parcels from France since June 4. The first time the parcels showed up in Holland, according to Coliposte, nobody was how so they where returned to France immediately. After weeks and week the sender released the parcels for the second time and again the parcels have been returned to France without any attempt to deliver them. Naturally I have tried to contact Coliposte but they seem to hire just those employees who do not speak English. If it wasn’t for the fact I paid 2550 Euro for parcels and delivery I might find the lack of professionalism amusing, now I just want to take bloody revenge for this nightmare. Stefan

  11. Michal Says:

    OMG! I’m not alone!
    I’m waiting for a parcel sice June 15. First I’ve ”redirected it to different address”. Of course, I had nothing to do with this. It took them about three weeks to return the parcel to France. Last week the sender released the parcel for the second time. It’s been stucked on ”the parcel arrived to the city of destination” for three days already. Naturally, no one has contacted me yet :-(

  12. jo Says:

    15 days already, from Bordeaux to Malta – NEVER AGAIN COLIPOSTE 2!
    AND i hope you read this.

  13. Jean Feranche Says:

    Coliposte is horrible. Twice they showed a package as “delivered” to me 7 days before it arrived.

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