December 19th, 2005 by amy

I don’t feel so well at the moment. However, being a bit of a delicate flower and prone to stomach-aches, I have had ample opportunities to test out different remedies over the years. The chewable antacids work ok. I have my favorites among the different types. I recently stood with a friend in the antacid aisle of a pharmacy listing the qualities of the different types — like a much more cultured and less freakish person might choose a good wine (as he did in the next shop).

As for drinkable things, there are two main liquid antacids I use — the white stuff and the pink stuff. This afternoon, in a gesture similar to that of a character in 40’s detective novel swigging bourbon, I took a big swig of the whiteish stuff (so that’s similar to a 40s detective in a not-at-all-alike, queasy, kind of way, I guess). The white stuff has a bit of a bite – almost tangy. At room temperature, I think I prefer the white stuff, but there’s really nothing better, when you’re feeling ill, than the pink stuff when it’s cold (yep, I’ve got a big bottle of it at home in the refrigerator right now).

There are pros and cons to the tablets vs. the liquids. For example, though there are always bits that gets stuck in your teeth, I find small joy in the crunching noises from chewing the tablets, plus they’re more portable. Drinkable things work faster and though you can, if you do carry it around in the bottom of your bag it can cause a quiet, kind of unsettling, sloshing noise. On the other hand, there is something hardcore about pulling out a bottle of antacid and taking a swig from it in public. Again, this is hardcore in a really-not-at-all-hardcore, “Yes, my stomach hurts, I couldn’t care less what you think”, sissyish yet defiant kind of way, I’d like to think I’ve mastered.

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