the bright side of insomnia

October 5th, 2005 by amy

I’ve been reading more on Buddhism lately and today I read somethings that really struck me:

Whenever we seek more self-satisfaction, we end up with more suffering, from minor to extreme… We see that we’ve acted this way because we took our emotions, concepts and thoughts to be real… we also see that these emotions are fundamentally illusory and empty…It becomes clear that this simple misunderstanding is working against our happiness and well-being…

And another part of that same book:

Compassion gives rise to love. Love is the wish for others to be happy, for them to accomplish whatever their mind desires — whether it’s material or mental — whatever they wish for in order to be fulfilled. ”

-Sakyong Mipham
Turning the Mind Into an Ally

I’d also read recently that people suffering from insomnia, which I do, may be advised to meditate on metta , the Buddhist concept of loving-kindness.

This is a really simple, lovely practice which I read can be practiced by calmly picturing the people you love and thinking: “May they be free from hostility, free from affliction, free from distress. May they be happy”, then thinking the same for people you know less well, strangers, difficult people and then all sentient beings.

It is very calming, really and it’s nice to consider that depending on the current insomnia levels, there’s a fairly good chance that even if it’s the twentieth dawn they’ve seen lately, someone, somewhere is wishing you happiness and peace.

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  1. rx Says:

    i stumbled upon ur blog while googling for buddhism and insomnia…

    here’s someone wishing you happiness and peace.

    may you be well and happy :)

  2. amy Says:

    Thanks so much rx :) You too.

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