Things I saw lately (the chicken dance/all roads lead to pirates, matey)

July 28th, 2007 by amy

In a work conversation with Coralie a week or so ago (yes, well, it started out about work anyway), she suggested requiring someone to do the “Danse des Canards” in front of the whole team as a completely reasonable consequence for causing some work inconvenience (pirate!). I wasn’t entirely sure what the “Danse des Canards” was, though it sounded like it had great potential as retribution so she showed me this:

“The chicken dance!” I replied. Now was my turn to educate her to ways of polka which all Pennsylvanians are subjected (at least those who grew up in the sticks like me) and the surreal world of Lawrence Welk, which still haunts my subconscious long after the times when, as a child, careless adults exposed my little eyes to miles of chiffon, beehives and accordions.

For those of you brought up without the exposure to the heady world of high culture in which I was raised as a child, here’s a how-to (a one and a two):

“Beaks… wings… tail feathers and four claps!” I told Coralie that it’s common to do the dance at weddings. I’ll skip over the part where Coralie asked me if I’ve ever done the chicken dance (or at least the part where I answer). She then showed me this video mash up of Jack Sparrow and the chicken dance – is it any wonder I like her so much? (we both love how he runs waving his arms in the cave):

Now just try to get that song out of your head :) Enjoy!

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  1. barbie-dull Says:

    “C’est la danse des canards
    qui, en sortant de la marre,
    se secouent le bas des reins,
    et font ‘coin! coin!'”

    It is in my head, matey, argh!

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