What I’m listening to lately (Arcade Fire)

July 7th, 2007 by amy

Dean kept recommending Arcade Fire’s new album Neon Bible. In a kind of lazy contrariness it took me a while to finally buy it and as usual, he’s right, it’s brilliant and I’ve been listening to it constantly.

Here’s an amazing video Dean pointed out of the band playing Neon Bible in an elevator and then Wake Up in a crowd of fans outside.

It’s worth waiting through the intro stuff and, in fact part, of what becomes interesting about it is how the group twice transitions from kind of scattered, chattery individuals to transform into a beautifully synchronous group. The scene with the crowd is great with the mix of the band and the people — think how unusual it is for a band to be standing so close to their fans performing. I especially like how Win Butler’s unique, passionate almost plaintive voice sounds even more heartbroken through the bullhorn.

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