Harry Belafonte & Muppet Show, The Banana Boat Song

April 22nd, 2007 by barbie-dull

I knew this song as “Day-Oh”, by the French band Pow Wow who were mostly doing acapella songs. I learnt years later that it was a cover. I was searching for MP3s of the song and found a few: a version by Shaggy, one by Danny Elfman (the one used in the movie Beetlejuice), and one by Harry Belafonte & the Muppet Show. YouTube are great, I can now see what I had imagined after hearing the sound track numerous times:

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  1. rk Says:

    i saw a few more of harry belafonte’s songs on youtube.
    have even written a post on his ’59 carnegie hall concert today.
    you are invited to read it here:

    Belafonte at Carnegie Hall [LIVE]


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