Things I read today (must-do list/letter to the Prime Minister)

March 5th, 2007 by amy

The NY Times has a powerful editorial “must-do list” for the new Democratic majority in Congress. The new Congress is challenged to correct the erosion of ‘founding principles of American democracy’ and ‘assaults on civil liberties.’

The list includes:

  • Restore Habeas Corpus
  • Stop Illegal Spying
  • Ban Torture, Really
  • Account for ‘Ghost Prisoners’
  • Ban Extraordinary Rendition
  • Ban Secret Evidence
  • Respect the Right to Counsel

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Another heart-breaking story I read today was of a 9 year old Canadian boy who has been locked up in a Texas detention center with his family (seeking asylum from Iran where the father was arrested and tortured). He wrote a letter to the Prime Minister:

write to your Congressman | Amnesty International | Human Rights Watch

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