these are a few of my favorite things (‘Sabotage’ and ‘Praise You’)

February 1st, 2007 by amy

In a work conversation today (describing the aqua blue leather couches and general 70s decor of some meeting hotels we were considering, then side burns, mustaches and ‘foxy’ polyester dresses), I thought of one of my favorite music video ever*, “Sabotage” for the Beastie Boys by Spike Jonze.

Probably my favorite video is “Praise You” for Fat Boy Slim, also by Jonze. When this video first came out, I made my sister miss her exit (twice!) from laughing while I was trying to describe and act out the dancing in the car.

At dinner one night a colleague asked us which video we’d watch if we had to watch one over and over again and this was my choice. I said I’d take the opportunity to learn the dance. Dean, who was there, later offered to learn the Napoleon Dynamite dance if I’d learn this one — a bet I am still willing to take on. Get your moon boots on, Aussie!

*To be completely honest, if the overall strength of liking a video counts instead of just the most current favorite in defining “favorite, ever” then the answer would be greatly, embarrassingly, skewed by the blinding ecstasy with which I loved some Duran Duran videos when I was 13 years old (Simon LeBon, *sigh*). I may someday embarrass myself further on this topic.

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