Worth knowing fact #192 – Hints for Wives (shirt-collar)

November 12th, 2006 by barbie-dull

Worth knowing fact #192 – Hints for Wives:

If your husband occasionally looks a little troubled when he comes home, do not say to him, with an alarmed countenance, “What ails you, my dear?” Don’t bother him; he will tell you of his own accord, if need be. Don’t suppose whenever he is silent and thoughtful that you are of course the cause. Let him alone until he is inclined to talk; take up your book or your needlework (pleasantly, cheerfully; no pouting –no sullenness), and wait until he is inclined to be sociable. Don’t let him ever find a shirt-button missing. A shirt-button being off a collar or wrist-band has frequently produced the first hurricane in married life. Men’s shirt-collars never fit exactly –see that your husband’s are made as well as possible, and then, if he does fret a little about them, never mind it; men have a prescriptive right to fret about shirt-collars.

From the excellent “Inquire Within for Anything You Want To Know or Over Three Thousand Seven Hundred Facts Worth Knowing” of 1858.

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