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dream house (decorating castles in the sky)

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

ffffound is an amazing collection of images – a subset of which is interior design and amongst which are several I find very appealing. I realized I had started to kind of pull together images of some kind of alternate reality dream house.

What’s interesting, I suppose, is how close and perhaps moreso, how far, the above are from how I’ve decorated my own real house. One big difference is I’d never have a animal skin rug. I also really favor red oriental rugs (as opposed to neutral or rugless floors in these pictures) and display more artwork – features I love but which detract from the minimalist vibe I seem to desire.

something of the sadness of Sundays

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

These pictures look like so many towns near where I grew up – grey and a bit grimy. Always feeling like Sunday afternoon, slightly sad.

These reminded me of a post by Levi Stahl on Sundays from Victorian times to his own youth (which correlates quite closely to my own).

One great quote:

The afternoons hung heavy. It seemed to be always 3 o’clock.
– Molly Hughes, A London Child of the 1870s

Things I saw today (Dancing panda – web time warp)

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

I stumbled onto this page (caveat: mind your eyes) when trying to find the lyrics to the hokey-pokey for a friend who was not born in the US and it was like a time warp to the early web – similar in a way I’d imagine to how I’d feel if I time warped back and saw myself in school: amused, nostalgic but glad to not be there anymore too.

Protected: sides

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

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love of languages (Television without pity)

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

(Did you know I taught myself Welsh? That’s like the Daily Double trivia question of things about me. Consider it your object lesson in how boring Lubbock, Texas actually is. I pick up and lose languages really quickly, if I don’t use them, and dead languages are hard to keep current on so I’m pretty rusty now, but I do remember that the first sentence I put together was “I believe you’re in league with the butcher,” because that’s the always the first sentence you should learn when you learn a new language.)

– Jacob, as in aside in a recap of Dr Who, Television Without Pity


Monday, October 13th, 2008

I’ve been feeling by turns edgy, angry and down lately. I went through a very low time a few weeks ago and I hate feeling out of sorts again so soon.

One of the almost existential problems of depression for me, at least, is the gradual distrust I’ve come to have of my own impressions of what is real. I ask myself how I can be sure what is real or not when the world seems so different during the depression than during the times I’m not depressed. I also start to question which is the real me, the me who is sad, upset and down or the one who is buoyed temporarily by the right, if fleeting, combination of brain chemicals? I know in some ways that my bouts of depression can be thought to be from a bad mix of chemicals and I described it to someone once as my brain dripping poison. Maybe a better metaphor is an extended emotional eclipse. I suppose both are the real me, the happy and the sad and that the poison is mine as much as the lack of it, the light and the darkness.

I wish I could look forward to things more; wish I could picture the good more than what might be difficult or tiring or uncomfortable; wish I wasn’t so swamped with anxiety or sadness or just the desire to hide out. I know I’ll likely bounce back, feel better, see things more clearly and smile in a few days or weeks, but I know I’ll likely feel like this again too.

Quiz time – politics again

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

My results for the What Breed of Liberal Are You? quiz

How to Win a Fight With a Conservative is the ultimate survival guide for political arguments

My Liberal Identity:

You are a Social Justice Crusader, also known as a rights activist. You believe in equality, fairness, and preventing neo-Confederate conservative troglodytes from rolling back fifty years of civil rights gains.

Take the quiz at

Some of the questions are stupid but I’d say this is the kind of liberal I am actually.

Architecture of happy-enough-ness

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

I love the building where I work. Even after almost four years I’m still routinely struck by the little details which make it so interesting and beautiful.

In The Architecture of Happiness Alain de Botton notes:

Belief in the significance of architecture is premised on the notion that we are, for better and for worse, different people in different places – and on the conviction that it is architecture’s task to render vivid to us who we might ideally be…

However, architecture is perplexing in how inconsistent is its capacity to generate the happiness on which its claim to our attention is founded. While an attractive building may on occasion flatter an ascending mood, there will be times when the most congenial of locations will be unable to dislodge our sadness or misanthropy.

We can feel anxious and envious even though the floor we’re standing on has been imported from a remote quarry, and finely sculpted window frames have been painted a soothing grey. Our inner metronome can be unimpressed by the efforts of workmen to create a fountain or nurture a symmetrical line of oak trees. We can fall into a petty argument which ends in threats of divorce in a building by Geoffrey Bawa or Louis Kahn. Houses can invite us to join them in a mood which we find ourselves incapable of summoning. The noblest architecture can sometimes do less for us than a siesta or an aspirin…

Beautiful architecture has none of the unambiguous advantages of a vaccine or a bowl of rice. Its construction will hence never be raised to a dominant political priority, for even if the whole of the man-made world could, through relentless effort and sacrifice, be modelled to rival Saint Mark’s Square, even if we could spend the rest of our lives in the Villa Rotonda or the Glass House, we would still often be in a bad mood.

As ever, de Botton explores the sublime potentials and bleak pragmatics of his subject thoroughly. I’m sure I don’t do credit to this beautiful building by the moods, depressions, tempers, silliness or pettinesses I indulge in here but just now at least I found simply walking around it enough of a distraction to make me grateful for it.

hello kitty stress test

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

My results for the Hello Kitty stress test:

I better enjoy the green and the wood.

Things I saw today (Animation backgrounds)

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Animation Backgrounds gathers the beautiful backgrounds of cartoon movies.

As a child, cartoons strongly informed my understanding of other places in the world, how adults interacted or how things worked (or as with a favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon, formed the entirety of my knowledge of opera). It’s interesting to re-see these spaces with adult eyes and to realize the degree to which they lurk in my subconscious.

From Cinderella

From Bambi

From Bugs Bunny

From The Rescuers

From Tom and Jerry

From Peter Pan

From Lady and the Tramp